Medical Peels

What are Medipeels ?

It is a chemical procedure that helps to achieve smoother and younger looking skin. Medipeels contain various chemicals that remove dead and damaged skin cells from surface, revealing the fresh healthy skin underneath.

Different medipeels are used to treat different skin conditions like Dark Spots, Acne, Acne scars, Freckles, Melanoma, Under-eye Pigmentation and Skin rejuvenation. These peels are available in various combinations and strength.

Depending on patient’s skin type and personal needs, a particular medipeel and its strength is chosen.

How is Medipeel procedure done ?

The chemical peel procedure is a painless one, which does usually involves spreading out the peel on the affected part for about 1 to 5 minutes and then gently removing it, which might give you a tingling sensation. Also, you need to have one session in about 14 days. A total of 4-6 sessions would be required to completely finish the treatment and have a revitalised skin.

How long will it take to see the results ?

The results of the Medipeel treatment are visible in every session that you take. You will be able to witness soft and supple skin with even skin tone and radiance with every increasing session. So, get that healthy, bright skin in just about 2 months!

Is it safe ?

Well, if you are having your doubts about the safety and side-effects of the Medipeel treatment, then let me tell you that, if you get the treatment done from experienced professionals, then there will be no cause of worry for you! People often say that continuous chemical peels often age your skin quickly. But that is a complete myth! In fact, Medipeels make your skin more healthy and bright. So, if you want that radiant and healthy skin, go for a Medipeel treatment soon and see the results!

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